This Blog is Done: Good People are not!

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This is my last post on my blog site, Mischellaneous.

I started the blog in 2015 with high hopes that I was going to change the world with my words.

190 blog posts, 20,000 visitors and 24,000 blog post views later, I am reminded, again, that the world changes with actions – not words.

I’ve enjoyed my time writing this blog.

It’s given me an outlet at times when I needed to get something off my chest.  Convey a feeling.  Share some information I thought valuable or important.

I’ve written angry.  I’ve written sad.  I’ve written happy.  I’ve written aimlessly.

Above all, I’ve tried my best to write with a sense of purpose.

I’m not done writing.

But I am done writing thinking that my words will change anything in a world where we confuse words as action.

I’ve grown weary of faux activism.  Of all kinds.

Weary of the shouting scourge that is our local, state and national politics.

Don’t like the outcome of an election?  Shout.

Don’t like a vote taken by Congress?  Shout.

Don’t like what this person said, that person wrote, or the other person did or did not do?


I have come to feel that all I am doing is contributing to that noise.

I deleted my Twitter account some months ago.

I simply cannot stand the vile, putrid cascade of communication that human beings Tweet at one another with so few characters it shows how little we have come to respect one another.

I have to be honest.  The Twitter platform is a seductive tool of communication.

The more outrageous or fabulist your Tweet the more engagement you get in a community of others who are striving to be more outrageous and fabulist than you and millions of  others.

I’ve been tempted to Tweet some of my worst rhetorical excesses when angry, upset and outraged.

Thankfully, a few deep breaths and my Mom whispering in my ear somewhere over the past 55 years to “Be nice to your Brother”  made me delete the Tweet.

(As an aside, it was a foregone conclusion we had to be nice to my Sisters so there was never any scolding about that!)

Which brings me to what I will be writing about in the future.

I will be launching a new site and domain that will be called #Good People Doing Good Things.

It’s a simple premise:  I write about people who are doing things. 

Literally doing things.

Good people doing good things.

These aren’t people who post about how they want to do good things.

Or hashtag that they are passionate about doing things they haven’t yet done or probably won’t do.

They don’t click a “Like” or a smiley or angry face on Facebook and act as though they have done something to change the world.

These aren’t folks who post things that makes them #Grateful #Blessed #Gratitude #Proud #Fierce or any of the other #Hashtags that exist to showcase nothing but….


I love words.

But I love seeing #Good People Doing Good Things so much more.

Getting things done.  That’s what we need more of in this world.  Not more words.

I think there are too many words right now.  I wish there were fewer.

What there are a lot of, though, are #Good People Doing Good Things.

We just don’t read or hear enough about them these days.

It’s not the media’s fault.  It’s not the President’s fault.  It’s not Nancy Pelosi’s fault.

Hell, It’s not even Obama’s fault.

It’s our fault.

Collectively, each and everyone of us.

We all contribute to the noise that insults the senses of each one of us.

We, the People, make the choices that the media, the President, Nancy Pelosi (sorry, Obama, not you anymore!) put in front of us.

They didn’t choose the menu of how we live our lives.

We did.

We do.

So, for those of you who have been kind enough to read the things I have written.

Thank you.

If something I have written has inspired you to do something positive or good in the world.

I am glad.

If I wrote something that made you angry, offended you or otherwise made you want to punch me in the face.

There are nearly 440 million blogs in the world.  We all make choices about what we read.

If you care to follow my #Good People Doing Good Things Blog in the future I think that would be great.

What would be even better, though, is if you would share with me those #Good People Doing Good Things in the world that you know about.

Even better than that, instead of sharing them with me, share them with the world around you.

If you are one of the billions of #Good People Doing Good Things – THANK YOU!

If you aren’t….Thanks, Obama!

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