Defund the University of Minnesota until the Minnesota Student Association reverses its decision on 9/11




The decision by the University of Minnesota Student Association to reject a resolution to commemorate 9/11 because some students didn’t want to “…spread Islamophobia..” raises the question of the value of the education that is being delivered on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

The At-Large representation to the Student Association, in expressing his opposition to a moment to commemorate 9/11 had this to say:

“The passing of this resolution might make a space that is unsafe for students on campus even more unsafe…Islamophobia and racism fueled through that are alive and well.”

According to the Minnesota Republic, the University of Minnesota newspaper, the same person “…added that holding a moment of recognition over a tragedy committed by non-white perpetrators could increase racist attitudes on campus, asking, “When will we start having moments of silence for all of the times white folks have done something terrible?”

Dear God in Heaven – every version of God in Heaven – are you serious?

Want to make America – and college campuses – unsafe?  Let the people promoting these nonsense ideas be in charge of the University of Minnesota Student Association – or actually, in charge of anything.

I have an idea for those students who voted against this resolution – go talk to the victims of the families of 9/11.

Go talk to the men and women who ran up the steps of the World Trade Center and gave their lives to others.

Talk to the soldiers who have fought and died to protect America since 9/11.

Ask them what they think about your concerns about being “unsafe” because you were asked to do a simple commemoration for 9/11.

If you truly think that it is too much to ask to honor them – to remember all of that – I have an idea that might get your attention.

How about the Minnesota State Legislature defund the University of Minnesota until you reverse this indefensible affront to the dignity, memory and honor of the victims, the heroes and heroines and the people of the United States of America?

If you agree with me sign my petition at

Maybe it’s time that you understand that you are accountable for your actions.  That your words actually mean something.  That your decision has consequences.

Take away the funding for the University where you feel safe to act without courage or conviction — but for some empty rhetoric about your rights.

There’s no reason for the taxpayers of Minnesota – or any state – to fund your platform built upon a pile of baloney.

I protested as a college student at St. Cloud State University.  I opposed American policies in Central America – I stood against America’s support for the apartheid government of South Africa – I rallied against war in places in the world fought in our name.

I wasn’t alone.  I stood with and behind thousands of other young men and women who rejected policies that discriminated against people of color, women and the poor.

We did so because we loved America.  Because we believed it could and should be better.  I loved America then and all it could become.

I love America today and all it still can and should become.  We’re not perfect.  Far from it.  We have a long way to go for equality and justice for all people – here at home and across the world.

But the actions of the University of Minnesota Student Association to reject an opportunity to commemorate 9/11 serves no purpose to change or better the world we live in.

It’s the actions of sheltered children who believe they are entitled to distance themselves from the destructive hurt and violence of their words.

They have made me feel unsafe about my love for America.

It’s time for us to send a message to them.  Defund the University of Minnesota until the Minnesota Student Association reverses its violent rhetorical attack against the victims of 9/11 and the brave men and women who served that day and those who have served every single day since then to protect and preserve America.

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