“Who can make it stop? Who can heal America?”

group of begging hands

The headline on www.cnn.com seemed earnest enough yesterday when I logged onto my computer. 

And, as I scanned my Facebook page and Twitter feeds it became more and more obvious to me the answer to the question.


And, you.                                               

Long gone are the days – if ever there we such a day – when a single person could bring America together. 

The acts of many have often found us working together as the United States of America even if we weren’t always the United People of America.

Throughout our nation’s relatively short 240 years of existence there have been moments in time when enough of us were united together to achieve a common goal.

But, rarely, if ever, was there a single “Who” that brought “We” together as “One”.

Which is the most important number of all:  One.

If we want what we see in the world around us as bad to stop.  If we hope to see the hurt, pain, anger and division of America begin to heal. 

It’s not going to be a politician.  Or a celebrity. 

It must start with one. 


I have stopped reading social media comments from those who hate cops.  Or Black Lives Matter.  My mind can no longer tolerate the viciousness that is so easily written and posted.

One blames one and another blames the other.

All of the hurt.  The anger.  The pain.  It is someone’s fault.


It always has been.  It always will be.


So, when the question is asked:  Who can make it stop?  Who can heal America?”

The answer always has been.  It always will be.


And, you.

I find myself careening between being reasonably confident that I have solutions for it all.  To finding myself having not a clue about how to solve any of it.

I feel guilty.  Then angry.  Sad. Mad.  And, then I find myself feeling hopeless.

And, then when I feel hopeless, the cycle of feelings start all over again.

Yet, amidst that hopelessness there is faith.

I call it my belief in God.  Others may call their faith something else.

But, I do believe all humans have some form of faith.

It is born into us. 

Some of us hold onto it until the day we die.  Some of us lose it – only to find it again. 

Others lose it – and it is gone forever.

There are, though, I believe enough of us who have faith that there are, can, should be and will be better days ahead for this country.

Which, in my mind, has always been the cornerstone of what I believe to be the greatness of America.

We want things to get better.  We want America to be better.

It won’t, though, waiting for someone who can make it stop. It won’t get better waiting for someone who can heal America.

It won’t by trying to point fingers on Facebook – or hurling a stream of consciousness commentary on Twitter.

The “facts” that everyone wants to use to prove their point – refute the point of someone else – are useless. 

We believe what we want to believe. 

Even this blog post underscores that reality. 

I believe what I want to believe.

And, what I want to believe is that we have it in ourselves to make America better.  We.  Me and you.

Not some unknown and unfamiliar “Who”.

We can make it stop.

We can heal America.


And, you.

That’s “Who”.

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