“Untitled” by Maisie Mische


The following was written by 14 year old Maisie Mische for her Writer’s Club at Nativity School in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Self-esteem is something that only we can define. Self-image is something that others can affect. Self-worth is something that we cannot let the world change.

We all have these thoughts, don’t we? We all think that we aren’t good enough for others. “I’m not tall enough,” “I don’t have enough fancy clothes,” “I’m not skinny enough.”

Enough is a dangerous word, isn’t it?

We hear it almost every day, and we say we can tune it out, but can we?

Do we let “enough” change us? If we aren’t “enough” for others, do we let it twist us? Mold us? Hide us?

Do we hide behind a mask of a fake personality because we are scared of not being “enough?”

Have you ever thought, even for a second, that you aren’t “enough” or that you won’t ever be “enough?”

Because if you have, don’t.

And if you haven’t, don’t start.

If you ever let “enough” destroy you, what will “better,” what will “worse,” what will “never” do to you?

What will you let them do to you?

Will you let them push you down?

Will you try to evade them?

Or will you let them make you stronger?

Will you take them and let them build a path for you?

Will you let them make you better? Worse?

This is for you to choose and you alone.

But never, never, never let them change you because you are the only person that can define who you are.

Not enough. You are not enough.

You are beyond enough.

Enough cannot even begin to describe you because when you let it describe you, you let it hurt you and you let it weaken you.

So, think, are you enough?

Or will you be above enough?

That is for you to choose.


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