White Nationalists in America: A Nazi is a Nazi as a Terrorist is a Terrorist.



Don’t call them Nazi sympathizers.  Call them what they are:  Nazis.

Don’t call them White Nationalists.  Call them what they are:  Terrorists.

I don’t need Donald Trump to tell me what a Nazi is, or for that matter, what qualifies as a terrorist.

If he isn’t capable of knowing the difference then shame on him.

If we aren’t willing to call it out for what it is then shame on us.

I watched the video and images of these patriotic fakers and selective constitutionalists with their Tiki torches and “I live in my parent’s basement”  Xbox chants of “Blood and Soil” and I shake my head.

If this is the start of a new movement in America we had best be prepared for a wave of idiocy we haven’t seen the likes of since the days grown adults walked around with sheets over their body to hide their cowardice from the outside world.

The snarling faces of men and women who claim they fear the loss of the white race in America are no less a threat to our democracy than a radical Islamic terrorist who seeks to destroy our way of life.

Those gathered in Virginia and marched with their hands raised in Nazi salutes walked through the blood of American patriots who defended freedom and liberty from fascism.

The same blood that gave them the right to defile the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of American men and women.

White punks marched in a show of force to prove that they have something to say. 

All we should have heard was this word:  HATE.

That’s all they represent.  Hate.

Lots of it.  And, hate towards anybody who doesn’t look like them.  Sound like them. Believe like them.

These are people who claim they live their life by the Constitution.  That they are only standing up for the Constitution and their rights as American citizens.

They believe in nothing but themselves.

And, their hate.

Senator John McCain has called these false actors of democracy nothing more than “Traitors.”

He is, of course, right.

They are traitors.

Traitors to anything and everything they claim to stand for.

There are other traitors in our midst.  Those who hide behind clever rhetoric and sneer at those who don’t “get it” when it comes to America.

They are the so-called “Nationalists” who mock “Globalists” and whatever else it is that the alt-Right thinks they are smarter and better at than the rest of America.

Deep down these are fearful men and women.  They lack courage.  Conviction.  They lack any true belief other than they resent anyone else who doesn’t look like them or act like them.

There are no larger principles that khaki and military clad faux patriotic racists and fascists stood for in Virginia.

They stood for Hitler.  They stood for Fascism.  They stood for Terror.

I have often written that we should call Evil by its name.

It is time we call these people by their names.

Nazis. Fascists.  Terrorists.

I don’t need anybody to educate me about why they feel the way they feel.

It’s a feeling called hate.

Whatever the reason for their hate there is no justification for them to believe they are entitled to harness it against those they hate.

America has had many bad days in its history.

We have seen African Americans hung from trees by white cowards in white sheets who then laughed at their treachery.

Native Americans have been murdered and slaughtered and forced from their lands to make way for white men and women.

Hispanics are hounded and harassed by those who want them to return to their native land and to be forcefully deported if necessary.

Muslims, Somalians, Hmong and millions of other newer generations of American immigrants have been persecuted and punished for simply wishing to live in a country that promised them a better life.

These are our many, many bad days.

Add to those bad days Charlottesville, Virginia.

But, we have had many good days in our nation’s history.

Times when brave and courageous Americans stood against tyrants.  When fearful Americans summoned the conviction to march against war – take a stand against racism – and rise against injustice and inequality.

Those are the times we need right now.

I don’t need any President to tell me what my obligation is an American.

Nor do you.

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