PROMISEHUB Rising Billions Ten Million Entrepreneurs at a Time


Peter Diamandis, he of of Singularity University, is a human with some pretty magnificent ideas.

While the news we consume would have us believe that we live in a world that is falling apart, Diamandis tells us that the exact opposite is happening.

In his book, “Abundance:  The future is better than you think”, Diamandis argues, persuasively and with the data to back it up, that the vast majority of humankind is living better today than ever before in the history of its existence.

More critically, he argues that the future looks far brighter for those inhabitants who have yet to experience the abundant world we now inhabit.

While generally loathe to reference Wikipedia for my fact checking, I figured, in the spirit of the brave new world we live in, to offer its analysis of Diamandis’s  four main points from his book, unedited:

The book’s four main points are:[4]

  1. Technologies in computing, energy, medicine and many other areas are improving at an exponentialrate and will soon enable breakthroughs that today seem impossible.
  2. These technologies have allowed independent innovatorsto achieve startling advances in many areas of technology with little money or manpower. This is primarily achieved through incentive prize competitions.
  3. Technology has created a generation of “techno-philanthropists” (such as Bill Gates) who are using their billions to try to solve seemingly unsolvable problems such as hunger and disease.
  4. The lives of the world’s poorestpeople are being improved substantially because of technology.

There is, of course, a theme here – a woven word that finds itself in each main point – and, similarly is front in center of nearly every argument that Diamandis makes about the past, present and future:  Technology is humanity’s most powerful creator of abundance.

Diamandis, then, is the human being who predicts, predictably, that there will be a new era of abundance, and he believes it began in 2016 and will extend its way through 2020.

He calls this new era of human development the world of the “Rising Billions.”

In his blog,, he once again argues that we live in a world that is more devoid of hopelessness than it is hope.

He writes about 3 to 5 billion people – consumers, if you will – who will find themselves equipped with the technological tools they need to have an abundant life.

To read more about these “rising billions” from the perspective of Diamandis I offer you, without compensation, his book,  Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World.

A sequel to Abundance  Diamandis postulates that  there are “rising billions.”

In Diamandis’ words, “three to five billion new consumers, who have never purchased anything, never uploaded anything, and never invented and sold anything, are about to come online and provide a mega-surge to the global economy.”

I like Diamandis, even though I have never met him.

He represents the kind of bold (no pun intended) thinking the world needs at a time when we are consumed with little things that do little to prepare our planet for revolutionary change.

Which brings me to a project I have been privileged to recently become involved with called PROMISEHUB,

It’s mission, is quite simple:

“We migrate digital opportunities to people in need around the globe in order to support them to flee poverty, to strengthen their abilities to create income and to add sustainable value to their local communities.


Instead, we begin to look at the situation in terms of human desires, talents, gifts, capabilities, and the global problem of poverty and education. Our open approach is based on the belief in the innate nature of human beings to self-organize and emergent problem solving.

The key lies in fostering and encouraging entrepreneurism within the community, where potential entrepreneurs will actively engage with the available new tools and resources and employ others within the population. To create an environment where people are encouraged to explore, think, and act we need an open framework which allows people to strengthen their talents and related goals guided by enthusiastic mentors with an innovative and open approach.”

Or, as its Co-Founder Dave Erickson states, “We strongly believe that turning aid into opportunity is the catalyst to create a significant increase in local income and we aim to migrate digital opportunities to people in need instead of migrating people to opportunity.”

In the weeks ahead, I hope to share more about this powerful initiative, the people involved with it and, perhaps most importantly, the people we hope to impact in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Rooted in the core belief that self-organization is central to the rise of the human endeavor, PROMISEHUB also embraces the notion that communities are not static.

Communities are like the humans that exist within them.

They change.  They evolve.  They aspire.  They create.  The consume.  They live.

PROMISEHUB aims to find itself at the center of those communities.

To serve as both a PROMISE to those who seek to rise and a hub to the billions who will.

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