Help a stranger. Help a human. Make a difference in the world. Do it today.


Humans help humans we don’t know.

It happens all the time.

All over the world.

It’s what humans do.

It is sometimes hard to remember this amidst the noise of the news telling us that things are falling apart.

The local news leads with disaster.  The national news leads with disaster.

Nearly every single news publication; print, online, or otherwise, shares with us unending stories of conflict and despair.

Yet, the world around us is full of humans helping humans they don’t know.

It happens in my life every single day as the Executive Director of Spare Key,

People send money to help families with loved ones facing a medical crisis.

Most of those who send money don’t know the families they help.  They will never know their names. They will never meet them.

It happens with another group I am involved with that seeks to provide leadership skills for life for young men and women called the US Naval Sea Cadets, or, in the Twin Cities Area, the

Dozens of moms and dads, retired military and a variety of volunteers and those who simply want to help young men and women give of themselves, their time, talent and resources to help other humans they do not know until they come into contact with them through this program.

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) there are more 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are registered in the U.S.

I imagine throughout the world there are an equal, if not greater, number of nonprofits of every size, shape and mission serving people in some way somewhere in the world.

But, it’s not just nonprofits where humans are helping humans they don’t know.

The recent amazing and beautiful news that 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach have been successfully rescued from what appeared to be impossibility just a few short days ago is further evidence that humans help humans they don’t know.

In Thailand, and from around the world, there are those who put whatever they could and were capable of doing into an effort to save the children of parents who undoubtedly went through a massive mix of emotions in wondering whether they would hold their breathing child in their arms ever again.

Two women who are members of an organization called have just landed in Entebbe today as they begin their second trek to the Nakivale Settlement to partner with others to help humans they don’t know.

That there are people throughout the world focusing their time, talent and resources to help 10 million human beings become digital entrepreneurs to lift up the lives of 1 billion people through Promise Hub is another example of humans helping humans they don’t know.

So, today, perhaps even if just for today, I encourage you to remember that the world isn’t falling apart.

It isn’t caving in.  We aren’t doomed.

The world is not perfect.  Everybody’s life is not perfect.  There is despair and disillusionment and terror and tragedy all around us in every corner of this planet.

But, there is also hope.

Real, tangible, achievable, provable and possible and probable hope.

It happens all the time.

All over the world.

Humans help humans we don’t know.

It’s what humans do.

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