A Night When A Dad Gave Young People Hope To Dance And Politics Didn’t Matter


On Friday evening one of my fellow Dads, John Krasinski, hosted a 2020 Prom Event for America’s youth who hadn’t been able to experience one because of COVID-19.

With a focus on America’s High School Seniors, I know that throughout America there were young men and women of all ages who joined the virtual event hosted by Krasinski.

Incidentally, Krasinski has been hosting an online celebration of Good People Doing Good Things called “Some Good News.”

During the evening Krasinksi hosted The Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper and Billie Eilish.

Krasinski, 40 years old, joked several times about being an “old” Dad who was just trying to be a good Dad in pulling together this fun, virtual event for a Friday night.

John Krasinksi did a good thing.  A Dad thing.

In doing so, he reminded how ever many young American men and women, boys and girls, and Moms and Dads, that there remains no shortage of kindness and generosity in America.

My Daughter and one of her friends prepared in advance for the electronic prom hosted by Krasinksi.  When the time came for it to start they had their computers on Krasinski and their iPhone’s on one another and danced.

And danced, and danced and danced some more.

For nearly three hours Maisie danced.

No time during those three hours did politics matter to her, her friend, her life or her future.

I have a lot of opinions about politics in America today, and the men and women engaged in it and who has been a leader in this nation, and who has not, when it comes to COVID-19.

I’ve learned that, increasingly, nobody cares about my opinions.

I’m okay with that.

What matters to me most right now, and for as long as I can see into the future is who are the good people doing good things to help others.

Men and women who have put their lives on the line to care for the sick and injured and dying.

Those who stock the shelves of the stores – prepare the food for the restaurant — drive the trucks with the supplies — and patrol our neighborhoods to keep them safe.

The political leaders who toil at their jobs without seeking recognition or credit or attempting to take advantage of this moment of time in our nation’s history.

The Dads, like John Krasinski, who took a moment in time and made it matter to the lives of countless American children — of every age — and shared joy and fun and silliness and purpose and memories.

There is pain and suffering in America today the likes of which most of us have never felt before.

There has been pain and suffering in America before the likes of which those generations had never felt before.

A Civil War.  Slavery. Pandemics.  World Wars.  Depression.  Dust Bowl. Energy Crisis. Terrorist Attacks.

All of these have been moments in time in our nation’s history in which we rarely could find light at the end of a very long, dark and cold tunnel.

Time and time again we found the light and came to the end of the tunnel and found the warmth of a better world.

I believe the light is coming.

It is dim for now but it is starting to shine through.

I think the tunnel’s end is closer than its beginning.

And, one can sense the faint warmth that is closer each day.

For a few hours on Friday evening, in the dim light of her room, with the flashing of lights, an iPhone and a laptop, my Daughter danced for joy to a brighter light that is to come at the end of a tunnel in which the warm glow of the future is going to be for her and millions of young American men and women.

Leading the dance was a Dad named John Krasinski.

Hero Dad.

A good dad.

For one night, America’s Best Dad.

Thanks, Dad!

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