George Floyd needs more than protests and outrage: He needs an arrest.


Justice delayed is justice denied.

Every minute of every day that those who contributed to the death of George Floyd remain free is a day that George Floyd is denied justice.

Even more than Floyd, it’s another day that America’s justice system’s credibility is at stake.

Floyd, who was denied his right to face a jury of his peers and the right of being considered innocent until proven guilty, is not the first black American to needlessly die while being arrested.

Whatever his alleged crime – even one that might have been as horrific as taking the life of another person — Floyd deserved to face his accusers in a courtroom and to be given the full rights accorded to him under the Constitution.

Today, the four officers who have been fired by the City of Minneapolis should, themselves, be behind bars.

Not to be be judged guilty by the media, politicians,  protesters, bloggers or any other outraged American citizen.

But to be given the full rights to the American justice system.

The same justice system that their actions deprived George Floyd from having access to while his life began to slip away under the knee of an arresting police officer.

It’s time to arrest the four fired police officers.

Not to make a statement.  Not to placate a community.  Not to seek revenge.

It’s time to arrest them in the name of justice.

My American experience with law enforcement doesn’t even remotely resemble that which took place during the last moments of George Floyd’s life.

But I’m not going to defend all police officers, or their profession, because that’s beside the point.

The point isn’t that there is a blue wall protecting cops at the expense of justice.

It’s that the legal system is facing a moment of truth.

If the actions of four police officers were so atrocious to result in the unprecedented speed of their dismissal from the Minneapolis Police Department then it should not be a stretch that their actions should result in an immediate arrest.

If the actions of George Floyd that initiated police action against him, ultimately resulting in his arrest and consequently the conduct of those arresting him contributed to his death, then the next step is abundantly clear.

Arrest the officers.  Charge them.  And, prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Presumably Floyd would have faced the same criminal justice system once arrested and transported to jail and charged with a crime.

He would have been charged.  And, prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Why should we be waiting for the system to understand that the justice system Floyd was going to face is the one that the four officers involved in his arrest should be facing right now.

Justice delayed.

Justice denied.

For George Floyd.

For all of us.

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